Dr. Kimberly Rollheiser-Revilla

At the root of all health problems is the Health Triad. It is in addressing these root causes, whether they are chemical, emotional or structural (or combination of the three), that true health can be achieved.

Dr. Kimberly Rollheiser has a BA and Pre-Med. degree from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and is a graduate of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Whittier. Dr. Rollheiser is an expert in the Applied Kinesiology field. She continues taking advanced courses in: Applied Kinesiology, nutrition, biochemistry, physiology, children, pregnancy and blood interpretation.

Dr. Rollheiser uses her nutritional skills to administer dietary changes with vitamin and mineral therapy, improving the overall health of the body and enhancing the body’s own regenerative powers without the use of dangerous procedures or drugs.

Dr. Rollheiser has successfully treated patients with chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis. She also treats women’s issues such as PMS, Post-Menopausal Symptoms, Osteoporosis, pregnancy and/or fertility problems. In addition, she is also an expert in child specialties. She is qualified in the treatment of digestive complaints such as Diverticulosis, Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome; weight loss and total fitness; and pain relief such as Sinusitis, Migraine Headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and spinal pain.

Dr. Kimberly’s Personal Story

I wanted to share with you and others why I am so excited about Chiropractic, Nutrition Response Testing, Whole Food Nutrition, Neuro-Emotional Technique and all of the powerful healing tools we use here at Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic Center.

My full name is Kimberly Marie Rollheiser-Revilla. I was brought into this world in a very traumatic and unfortunately very common manner. The doctor present at my birth used forceps to forcibly yank me from the birth canal instead of waiting for the natural birth process to take place. In the process, the forceps smashed the cranial bones. As a result I experienced numerous physical challenges as a child including deafness and unexplained seizures. I underwent years of medical intervention including eleven ear surgeries.

That might be a little bit hard to believe for anyone who has only recently met me, but there are a few witnesses from around that time, including my mother, who nursed me through those years, during which time we tried everything.

My parents spent so many thousands of dollars going to the best doctor’s they could find. They searched out and tried every new technique. Medical intervention was able to prevent further trapping of infection in my ears and thus prevent permanent deafness. However, because they did not address the root cause of the problem – my smashed cranial bones – I continued to experience severe headaches, ear pressure, and unexplained seizures as well as permanent scar damage from the surgeries, which left me legally deaf (80/60).

I have wanted to be a chiropractor since I was 6 years old. My mother had an accident and was told she would need back surgery. Instead, she went to our family Chiropractor, Dr. James Bosley. After being treated by Dr. Bosley, she did not need the surgery. He was an inspiration to me, and I witnessed firsthand the awesome power of chiropractic on my mom and since then on numerous people and the body’s ability to heal itself. Since then, I have truly believed it was my destiny to become a chiropractor.

“During Chiropractic School I completed significant additional coursework in order to graduate with extra specialties that most Chiropractors don’t have.”

dr_kimberly_collectionI began a course of treatment with my roommate (a fellow Chiropractic student completing the same extra coursework I was studying) consisting of cranial adjustments and nutritional therapy. The cause of my problems was finally being handled and for the first time in my life I began experiencing relief. I no longer experience seizures, headaches, ear pressure and distortion. I have experienced significant improvement in my hearing, eyesight, skin, hair, stamina, energy, clarity of thought and overall health.

However, I still retain damage from the ear surgeries I underwent as a child. Knowing what I know now, and having helped many children with similar problems, I know that the suffering I went through could have been prevented if my parents had taken me to see a Chiropractor first. This is why I am so emphatic when I talk to you about making sure your children receive care. Childhood is full of falls, bumps, and jumps, and each one has the potential to push your child’s spine out of alignment. When spinal misalignment’s go untreated, your child’s body continues to grow. An injured spine will simply grow misaligned (i.e. scoliosis, etc.), leading to degenerative or permanent conditions later in life. Through a combination of Chiropractic, nutrition and emotional work we have helped hundreds of children with a variety of health challenges, such as seizures, asthma, “growing pains”, head traumas, ear problems (lot’s of kids no longer need ear tubes thanks to Chiropractic!), allergies, autism, ADD/ADHD and much more. I am so dedicated to making sure that your children don’t suffer like I did, that I have created a special discount program\m to make it easier for you to finance your child’s health care. Please make taking care of your child’s health your priority as I have made it mine.

I received my BA and Pre-Med. degrees from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and am a graduate of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Whittier. I am a perfectionist. And if I was going to be a healer, I wanted to be the best of the best. That is why I have pursued and continue to pursue extensive advanced training in a variety of healing modalities. I have advanced certification in the fields of Applied Kinesiology, Clinical Nutrition, Neuro-Emotional Technique and many other healing modalities. My broad background allows me to look at my patients and their health conditions from many different perspectives to provide a truly wholistic (whole-person) and holistic (natural) approach to healing. I continue to study and master many of the finest natural healing techniques in the world, all of which have withstood the test of time.

I was thrilled when my husband, Dr. Russell Revilla joined my practice. When I received my first Chiropractic adjustment from him, I knew I had to marry him and convince him to join my practice. He gives the best adjustments I have ever experienced, and his patients agree. Dr. Revilla is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College and has been a practicing Chiropractor since 1989. He has undergone extensive advanced training and is an expert in the structural alignment of the body. He is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner trained in treating the whole body and enhancing it’s performance. Dr. Revilla served as the Chiropractor for the Olympic Training Center form 1996-2003, the Lakeside Rodeo from 1992-2000 and many other professional and amateur sporting events. He has received numerous awards for the betterment of his profession. He has served on the Board of the San Diego County Chiropractic Society as well as the Ethics Committee for the California Chiropractic Association. He has helped thousands of people during his years in practice, and as a team we are helping thousands more.

At the root of all health problems is the Health Triad. It is in addressing these root causes whether they are chemical, emotional or structural (or a combination of the three) that true health can be achieved. As a team, my husband and I, possess a unique combination of skills that enable us to address all aspects of your health: chemical (nutrition), emotional and structural.

We’ve chosen to devote our lives to the healing arts because of our mutual desire to help people. We are grateful we did so, because we feel most alive when helping others achieve their optimum health and when we are sharing the principles of natural health and healing. We believe with all our hearts in the principle of chiropractic – when we remove the interference form the nerve system, the body will heal itself. The nervous system controls every function of the body, and there are only three things that can interfere with the nervous system: (1) structural problems, (2) biochemical problems (nutrition), and (3) emotional conditions. Everything we do in Chiropractic is designed to treat the whole body and remove those interferences form the nervous system. Chiropractic unleashes the innate intelligence within us all, thus allowing the fullest expression of life – physically, mentally and spiritually.

It is absolutely incredible! It is such a wonderful feeling to examine a person (and you will find that our exam is the most comprehensive exam you will ever experience) and know with certainty, right from the beginning whether or not you are going to get an improvement in over 90% of the cases. You can predict that that person’s going to be felling better. You know exactly what they need and exactly what sequence to help them handle their body’s problems.

Some of the most exciting cases we’ve ever seen have come in – I had a lady who had shattered glass that stayed embedded in her shin after a car accident. The glass started pussing up and coming out after she started taking Standard Process supplements receiving chiropractic and treatments. We had a man who was suffering form terrible migraines 3-4 times per week and was constantly hospitalized because of them. He is now migraine free thanks to Chiropractic and nutrition. There was an elderly man who’s daughter had referred him to us because he had severe anemia. Upon inspecting his list of medications, we discovered that the drugs were actually making the problem worse. When the man asked his doctor about it, the doctor admitted that he just figured the man was old and was going to die anyway, so it didn’t matter. I don’t think his daughter felt that way! We started him on nutritional therapy and he was eventually able to be slowly weaned off of the drugs. This man is no longer suffering form anemia and is feeling better now than he has in years! Our success stories are countless and amazing! It is thrilling to be making such a difference in people’s lives, and saving people’s lives.

To know with certainty that when you’ve tested somebody, this is what they need, this is how much they need, and to know how to follow them up, visit by visit, knowing how to fine-tune them, knowing how to bring them to the next level of health. This is exciting!

I think one of the most exciting things for me is the amount of energy I now have and how good I feel. I get that energy from two sources: one is because my own health is so much better thanks to these healing modalities and Standard Process whole food nutrition. But, even more, I have an added bonus of additional energy form the hundreds of people who come in and say, “Oh! I haven’t had headaches now since the third day!” “My periods are now completely pain free!” “No, I don’t get that angina pain any more!” “I’m no longer doing drugs!” “I no longer have this or that…”

That’s energy. It’s spiritual energy, and that’s what we’re dealing with here. We’re dealing with life and methods to actually bring that body alignment with that individual’s hopes and desires so they can live a higher quality life. That’s what alternative medicine has given me. And I wanted to share that viewpoint with you.

I have heard it said that when your skills get better, Innate [God] will send you tougher cases. I must admit that I used to laugh. Well, guess what? I found out that they were right. They’re coming in – and they’re coming in from all over with the worst conditions I could imagine!

And when they come in, I just check them! I don’t wonder about it. I just say, “Come on in! Let’s check you! Let’s see what the body has to say! Let’s see if you are a candidate for our type of care. Let’s see what you need now. Let’s determine what has to be done to help you get from your current level of health to the next level of health. That’s our goal. If we can help you do that in the first three or four months, then every month after that we’re going to look forward to continued improvement. Then in six or nine months from now, however long it takes, you’re going to look back, and you’re going to wonder whatever happened to that old body of yours.”

We are dedicated to helping you and future generations of your family achieve lifelong health, and part of that process is education. The health and lifestyle choices you make today will affect you for the rest of your life. They will also affect the health of Future generations. By taking care of your body today, you are paving the way for healthy children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on. In educating you, we are enabling you to make healthy choices and we are thus able to help millions of people for generations to come. That is our mission.
Our personal promise to you is to assist your healing to best way we know how, and as quickly as possible. We have absolute confidence in your body’s ability to heal itself and in our ability to assist you. If we feel we can’t help, we will do our best to refer you to someone that can.

Yours in Health,
Kimberly Rollheiser-Revilla, D.C.
Russell S. Revilla, D.C.


Cal Poly Pomona, BA in Liberal Studies – Pomona, CA 1992
Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Doctor of Chiropractic – Whittier, CA 1996


International College of Applied Kinesiology
Webster’s In-Vitero Constraint Technique
Craniosacral Therapy



International College of Applied Kinesiology – U.S.A.
The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
California Chiropractic Association
International Chiropractic Association
LACC Alumni

Continuing Education

Dr. Rollheiser has furthered her education by taking monthly seminars in:

Nutritional (Advanced physiology based systems)
Applied Kinesiology (AK)
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)
Cranio Sacral
Cranial – pelvic stabilization technique
Intra-oral cranial technique
Neuro-Energetic Organic Cranial Technique
Advanced Cranial Technique
Vector Point Cranial Therapy