Athlete, Pain & Recovery

I needed Dr. Revilla’s professional help when during a 15-mile training walk my left leg muscles gave, quit on me with five miles left to go. I had excruciating pain in the muscles around the knee as well as severe pain in my calf. I could barely stand and I had a 21-mile marathon to walk in Big Sur two months away. I thought I would have to sit it out. Fortunately a friend of mine recommended Dr.Revilla, she said he did wonders for her. Dr. Revilla had a big challenge on his hands because I am forty and way overweight and never did a marathon before.  Not only did he get me in good walking shape within a short time period but also he coached me on how to train for this event. He never said I couldn’t do it; in fact, he was very inspirational towards helping me achieve this goal. The Big Sur International Marathon is one of the top grueling courses in the country with lots of hills, including a 2-mile steep climb along the coast. At the end of the marathon, which took me 6 hours to complete, the only thing hurt were the bottoms of my feet. I couldn’t believe it, no pain and no calf pain. Dr. Revilla not only helped me achieve this lofty goal but he diagnosed the cause of my injury and put a plan together to correct years of misalignments of my body due to a childhood accident. I am very grateful and very satisfied with Dr. Revilla’s work, and I recommended him to anyone.
Carol T.