Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Don’t wait



Don’t Wait, Take ACTION!

I am always looking for infvegetables-790022_640ormation that I believe will help my patients in managing their health and being aware of preventative health measures that can lead to enjoying life to the fullest. I ran across this article, “Nutrition for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors”,, and I feel it does an excellent job identifying nutritional factors that can impact breast cancer issues, which mostly fits in to my dietary recommendations.

I applaud the writers for putting the information in this article together for people that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. My pet peeve is why would this information NOT be distributed and highlighted as pertinent advice and relevant choices for anyone, regardless of the specific diagnosis?

There are a few scary realities when it comes to breast cancer:

1) both men and women can develop breast cancer;

2) 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer over the course of a lifetime

One of the dangers, that people have, is a tendency of waiting until they have been diagnosed with some radical disease to make changes across-the-board in their lives. “You have this disease!” Now the person can be motivated to change their lifestyle, diet, exercise regimen, spiritual connection, how they handle their relationships, and many other aspects of their lives to start getting better.

Why wait until you have been diagnosed with a disease? Why not be proactive and begin to make the changes to minimize the chances of developing some catastrophic disease? Don’t wait, take action BEFORE the fact! Are you healthy? Then do what it takes to stay healthy for as long as you can!

Specific to breast cancer awareness and prevention, there are a number of techniques and methods readily available that allow women to take charge and remove the fear associated with the threat of breast cancer:

Thermal imaging breast1) ongoing conventional breast evaluations as a relevant and necessary component for prevention and diagnosis;

2) Unconventional breast evaluations, like Thermal Imaging which are also critical to the evaluation process; and

3) Preventative actions like Lymphatic flushing of the breast tissue, dietary changes, emotional clearing, and other lifestyle changes. All of which are critical to the prevention process and Dr. Kimberly has a passion to teach to her patients.

Where do you stand? What is your current situation? Are you on the brink of a breast cancer diagnosis? Do you have a family history of cancer? Or would changing different aspects in your life be the perfect thing right now for prevention? My expertise gives me an insight to:

  • help you find out where you are RIGHT NOW!
  • if there is a problem, get to the CAUSE!
  • make the changes you need to do RIGHT AWAY!

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