Calcium: Kids, Adults, Fevers and Joints

The best, simplest, and fastest way to help all the children of this country is to make sure they have plenty of the right kind of calcium in their diet. And the same can be said about adults. You see, your body (and your kids’ and grandkids’ bodies) needs plenty of usable calcium. Usable calcium in the human body is calcium bicarbonate. Calcium bicarbonate is what is known as a blood buffer – the natural antidote to too much acid, and especially to too much phosphoric acid. Children, and possibly you too, are loaded up with this type of acid, since it is in soft drinks, wheat products, processed foods, and breakfast cereals.

When too much acid and phosphoric acid builds up in the body without adequate calcium bicarbonate to buffer it, certain things will automatically happen. Children frequently become fidgety, nervous, and potentially hyperactive – they just can’t sit still. They will be easily upset, throw temper tantrums, and get frequent colds. And once again, the same can be said about adults.

With too much phosphoric acid and too little calcium bicarbonate, bone-building capacity will be hindered – growing pains in children and osteoporosis in adults. Growing pains are a clear signal of a calcium imbalance. It is actually a subclinical (just below the surface) form of rickets. And if your kids or grandkids are like me – I grew almost a foot in one year at age 13 – there is no way they can get by without a calcium supplement to help with growing pains.

Colds and Fevers

Let’s face it, when your child or grandchild is running a high fever, it can get scary. But with colds and flu, a fever is your child’s way of revving up the immune system and helping it burn out viruses and bacteria.

Again, the same is true for adults. Unfortunately, too many adults and parents run for the Tylenol® to reduce that fever as quickly as possible. This can stymie the immune system and even prolong colds and infections. However, if you or your kids run a fever that is getting too high, then it is time to use cool baths, or even Tylenol, to bring the fever down. But for the most part, simply sucking on a Calcium Lactate (by Standard Process) tablet or two will help handle fevers naturally. The blood buffer that is Calcium Lactate is a wonderful, natural, fever reducer as well as a powerful aid for the immune system.

All adults, and surely anyone with an infant, baby, or young child should always have a supply of Calcium Lactate on hand. It is the best, natural anti-colds and flu, anti-growing pains and rickets, anti-muscle cramps, anti-fever, anti-hyperactivity, and immune-enhancing form of nutrition. And in addition to Calcium Lactate, for chronic colds, flu, and fevers your family also needs a good form of the whole vitamin C complex, a thymus gland extract, and vitamins A and D. You should always have these on hand.

We have already discussed Calcium Lactate. Next is the whole vitamin C complex, which is impossible to buy except from Standard Process. Cataplex C is the whole nutritional complex, containing ascorbic acid, bioflavonoids, and the organic copper enzyme, tyrosinase. Tyrosinase actually feeds the adrenal glands – the glands that contain the most vitamin C in the body. Native Americans routinely extracted the adrenal glands of prey and ate them raw to get a good supply of real vitamin C. Cataplex C is the best form of real vitamin C.

When it comes to fighting infection, the thymus gland is critical. It directs fighting and killer cells to attack microbes and infections. When you consume thymus gland extract you are enhancing this gland’s fighting capacities. The best way to do this is to take Thymex by Standard Process (a few tablets daily) for any, colds, flu, or infection.

All these supplements work best when combined with the real vitamins A, D, and omega-3 fatty acids. Just about all others are now industrialized, many replacing natural vitamins A and D with synthetic versions. These simply will not do.

To make colds – and flu therapy easier, Standard Process makes a product called Congaplex. It is a combination of Calcium Lactate, Cataplex C, and Thymex. I am never without this amazing, convenient product. And you should not be either. At the first sign of cold or flu, I recommend taking 2 capsules every hour for up to 3 days, or until the cold is resolved. If you or your children are also running fevers, add Calcium Lactate (6-12 tablets daily) to this protocol. When Congaplex is combined with Calcium Lactate and Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil, you have real colds, flu, and fever therapy.

And remember this final tool – antimicrobials. Instead of taking an antibiotic that doses your whole body, destroys only bacteria, has no effect on viruses or fungi, and can seriously damage the body (especially children’s bodies), use an antimicrobial. An antimicrobial is a colloidal silver spray or liquid that is applied directly over the infected membranes during colds and flu. Sinus Relief is sprayed into the sinuses every hour or two until the sinus cold is resolved. And if your cold is getting into your bronchials (marked by a cough), be sure to use Respiratory Relief. This remarkable liquid is placed into a nebulizer and breathed directly into your bronchials and lungs. You can take a breathing treatment every 2-4 hours until your cough is resolved. My approach to colds, flu, sinus problems, fevers, bronchitis, pneumonia, and more is just so foreign to most people. People routinely take Tylenol to immediately suppress a fever. They are off to the doctor for antibiotics, which are usually useless for colds and which also destroy a little bit of the immune system and gut with each use. They rush to the pharmacy to get a powerful nasal spray that is harmful to the sinus membranes, easily becomes habit-forming, and has a powerful rebound effect. Many people do this regularly for themselves and their kids and then wonder why colds, flu, and sinus problems linger for months at a time. And they wonder why the family all seems to suffer from antibiotic syndrome – weakness, chronic colitis, irritable bowel, yeast infections, and more.

Just No Substitutes

Do you ever wonder why so many people in the medical profession call all-natural treatments quackery?

Well, the main reason is that most natural therapies are useless – except to line the pockets of the manufacturers. In almost all my years, I have never used or sold a “vitamin”. Instead I prefer to use products that are so much more complex and more difficult to produce • because they are actually used by the body and they work. I doubt that there is another doctor in the world with the clinical experience that I have in the use of nutritional concentrates, whole-food supplements, and extracts.

So, no family should be without Calcium Lactate. It is converted into calcium bicarbonate in the body in one step. Other calcium products are calcium carbonate or crushed stone (not to be confused with calcium bicarbonate). They are difficult for the body to utilize. And all calcium products are best absorbed in the stomach with plenty of stomach acid. So if you chronically take TUMS® or antacids, you are

probably already deficient in calcium. That is also why there is some magnesium citrate (citrate is slightly acid) in Calcium Lactate – for better digestion. But what about all those “experts” that say your magnesium to calcium intake should be on a 1:1 ratio?

That is ridiculous. That much magnesium is toxic, causes heartbeat problems, and will finally induce chronic diarrhea as your body struggles to excrete the excess. Calcium Lactate contains a little magnesium citrate to provide a more favorable and correct balance of calcium to magnesium.

Muscle Cramps

Too much phosphoric acid, too much sun, and too little calcium spell muscle cramps. This may sound unimportant, but muscle cramps can ruin your life. And they have ruined the careers of many professional athletes. The natural antidote, especially when you are exercising in the sun, is the same antidote used for people with fevers – calcium. Calcium Lactate contains no milk or whey, so it can be used safely by everyone. Aside from fighting colds, flu, fevers, infections, and more, it is also best for coughs, insomnia, hemorrhage, and muscle cramps in adults.

In fact, Calcium Lactate is supreme for cramps – especially when combined with Cataplex F, also from Standard Process. The unsaturated fatty acids in Cataplex F are the balance for too much vitamin D from the sun, which drives calcium into bones and leaves muscles deficient. All athletes, all people who sweat, and all people who play in the sun, must know about this combination. Cataplex F with Calcium Lactate make up a powerful combination to stop muscle cramps from overexertion and/or too much sun. If I play beach volleyball all day in the bright sun, it is not unusual for me to take this combination two or even three times during the day. There is nothing better.

Truth Is Timeless

Fad calcium and health products come and go. And you can fool some of the people for some of the time. These products sell for a while, then just seem to go away – because they simply do not work. Now that you have an inkling about what a real calcium product is all about, you can see how other products – made from crushed stone and similar to the white scale on a teapot – do not measure up.

Calcium Lactate was first formulated in 1947 (the year I was born), and has been selling like gangbusters ever since. Thymex was first formulated in 1956. And Congaplex was first formulated in 1959. That is approaching almost two centuries of combined experience! All these years and decades of experience, and our results, speak for themselves.

Get off the medical bandwagon for colds, flu, sinus problems, bronchitis, pneumonia, muscle cramps, fevers, and more. Start your kids out with a fighting chance. Get the nutrition you need, the nutrition that all our bodies will utilize, and then watch out!