Chiropractic Care, Preventing and Treating Sports Injuries

Its back to school time and that means one big thing for a lot of children… Sports! Football and basketball have started back up and others like soccer, softball/baseball, tennis, track, and water polo are soon to follow. An unfortunate part of kids playing sports is injuries. Putting your body through these activities and demands can result in painful tears, sprains, and strains. They happen to the best of athletes but seeing a chiropractor can help you when you’ve suffered sports injuries and also help prevent them.

A 2010 study in Canada showed that 66% of adolescent injuries was due to sports.

The main reasons athletes suffer sports injuries include forceful impacts, repetitive motions, over-training and failure to warm up properly. Children of all ages are even more likely to suffer injury as they continue to grow and mature because their bodies are constantly changing. Chiropractors help athletes, young and old, after an injury by relieving pain and helping injuries to heal faster. Regular visits, even when not injured can help promote quicker recover after training and games while improving balance and performance overall.

Traditional medical doctors don’t cut it when it comes to sports injuries as they rely on pain medications and surgery to fix muscle and joint issues. Neither of which are effective in treating pain, let alone sports injuries, and the consequences of either of those treatments usually far outweighs the benefits.

Chiropractors are skilled in adjusting and manipulating the spine and other joints as well as the muscles, ensuring that bones are in alignment and balanced which helps relieve tension in the body, improves function, and makes the body less susceptible to injury. The goal of most chiropractic techniques is to restore or enhance joint function while resolving joint inflammation and reducing pain.

While all chiropractors are skilled at relieving pain due to tension, there are chiropractors, like Dr. Russell Revilla, who specialize in sports medicine. For advanced pain and chronic sports injuries, consider a chiropractor with a focus in sports medicine who’s experienced in treating athletes (including professionals), identifying the cause of injury, and also have specific techniques for athletes as well as tips for avoiding re-injury.

If you, or your child, are experiencing pain due to a sports related injury or are looking to improve sports performance then schedule an appointment with Dr. Russell Revilla today.