Cure Antibiotic Syndrome

Cure Antibiotic Syndrome

What does a 30-year-old with chronic indigestion, colitis, anemia, weakness and chronic fatigue, repeated colds and flu, brain fog, menstrual problems, arthritic pains, skin rashes, emotional instability and depression have in common with a 10-year-old with chronic gut pain, anemia, repeated colds, tiredness, and failure to thrive? They are both suffering from antibiotic syndrome. And they are both being repeatedly harmed by the wrong treatments for the wrong (misdiagnosed) conditions.

The 30-year-old woman has been treated with antibiotics 3 – 4 times per year for most of her life. The 10- year-old boy was treated with antibiotics twice for a severe sore throat. Both have had their gut flora severely damaged and now suffer from dysbiosis (abnormal gut flora or antibiotic syndrome) caused by antibiotics.

The 30-year-old is being treated, even now, with more antibiotics. That any physician would prescribe more poison to a woman with this history for viral conditions over which antibiotics are useless simply exem- plifies the problems with modern, prescription-drug-driven medicine. The 10-year-old is enduring endless medical examinations, tests, and treatments for problems that don’t exist and that are really just symptoms of the completely ignored underlying cause of antibiotic syndrome.

Today antibiotic syndrome is more alive and well than ever before. It is estimated that at least 30% of the American population, and probably closer to 50%, suffer from some form of antibiotic syndrome and/or dysbiosis. And perhaps the most frightening aspect of all this is that any or all of the litany of symptoms that are caused by antibiotic syndrome are routinely examined, diagnosed, and treated as other separate conditions, with powerful drugs – and often with more antibiotics – making the whole mess hundreds of times At any given moment millions of Americans are walking around doubled over in abdominal pain, unable to eat most foods, crippled with arthritis, in agony with itching and miserable skin conditions, completely exhausted, in a brain fog, and emotionally disabled with depression, even schizophrenia, all due to antibiotic syndrome caused by their doctors.

They don’t know it, and their doctors don’t recognize it. So it just goes on, year after year, simply adding to the burgeoning roles of people with degenerative diseases – which feed the medical and pharmaceutical industries while ruining the health of Americans, driving up the cost of health care, and bankrupting If this is you, there is hope. But first you have to stop the medical downward-health-spiral. And to do that you must recognize that when really truly needed, an antibiotic can save your life. But antibiotics are powerful, ravaging drugs that should be avoided at all costs except as the treatment of last resort.

Do Not Use Antibiotics For …

* Colds and flu because they have no affect on viruses and fungi – the main causes of these infections.

*Sore throats and stuffy noses.

If your doctor prescribes an antibiotic for these kinds of conditions, ask if you can treat yourself naturally first. Remember, the woman in this article presented herself to a 24-hour medical clinic with a minor viral sore throat and a raging, life-threatening case of antibiotic syndrome. She left with a prescription for

If this is you, stop this madness. And take steps to heal your gut and rebuild your gut flora, putting an end to

1. Rebuild Your Gut Flora … to do that, you must take probiotics. Use ProSynbiotic. It contains the naturally-occurring bacteria your gut needs. It also contains prebiotics which are food for the newly

2. Heal the Lining of Your Intestines … use Okra Pepsin E3. Okra Pepsin E3 is the premiere gut healer. It will help clear away stale mucus from your damaged intestinal linings. It will help heal your gut with the phytochemical complex E3 from tillandsia and allantoin.

3. Have Adequate Stomach Acid … which is necessary to digest food. Without adequate stomach acid, you will never overcome antibiotic syndrome or dysbiosis. If you have inadequate stomach acid and indigestion, use Zypan® until your acid returns to normal. If you suffer indigestion and heartburn and are not sure if you have inadequate stomach acid, use the Zypan® Test to find out. These three products, produced by Standard Process, are the best available and can be purchased at our office.

4. What You Eat Matters … stop eating sugar, starch, processed foods, and fast foods for at least a month, preferably a year. Instead eat vegetables; protein; and good fats like cod liver, flax and olive oil, eggs with the yolks, and fatty fish like salmon. Go to Dr. Kimberly’s Health class

5. Purge Abnormal Microbes from Your Gut … start taking a tablespoon of Omega Nutrition Organic Virgin Coconut Oil daily to help. And use only the best oils, like Cod Liver Oil, Omega Nutrition Hi-Lignan Flax Oil®, and their Extra Virgin First Pressed Olive Oil. You can get all your oils at the very best price from Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic.

6. Use Natural Therapies … when it comes to colds, flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, and even pneumonia, be sure to use natural therapies instead of antibiotics. We have the absolutely best and most amazingly effective protocols of nutritional immune boosters with antimicrobials available anywhere. This is real therapy without the risk of antibiotics which are almost always useless for Antibiotic Syndrome Mimics Many Diseases Antibiotic syndrome is real, common, deadly, and a great mimicker of all kinds of other diseases and conditions, including mental and emotional problems. It may seem impossible to imagine that all kinds of diseases have their root cause in abnormal bacteria (dysbiosis) in your gut. But when 50% of your immune function comes from proper gut flora, it is easy to understand.

Remember what John Parks Trowbridge, M.D., one of our advisors, likes to say. He says, “with any serious disease, whether it is physical, immune, or emotional, first, I fix the gut.” Wise treatment indeed – a treatment almost universally ignored by modern medicine.