February 23rd Spine & Disc Health Class

Break the Pain Cycle!
Spine & Disc Health Class

Tuesday,   February 23rd, 2016,   6:00PM



At this special seminar, you will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Russ Revilla, DC in person and have the opportunity to learn how the NDS Method® is perfect for treating bulging, herniated or degenerative discs without the use of shots, drugs, spinal injections or surgery.

Here are some of the topics covered at the NDS Method® seminar:box_decompression

  • Discussion of your symptoms, spinal conditions, & the actual underlying problem causing the disc to degenerate and develop bulges or herniations.
  • Three Signs on Your MRI to Determine the EXACT problem (you don’t have to be a doctor to figure this out…it’s simple as long as you know what you’re looking for.)
  • Staggering surgery statistics and trends in debilitating back surgery
  • The 4 Endless Traps Constantly Keeping You In Pain
  • Phenomenon No. 1 vs. Phenomenon No. 2 (you don’t want to miss these concepts)
  • #1 Question to Ask YOUR Medical Provider before Seeking Treatment (golden!)
    and so much more.

Bring your questions and be sure to take lots of notes so you can finally break the pain cycle.


This Class is FREE and open to everyone!




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