From a Cold to Pheumonia…

“If you are an adult who gets pneumonia, you will usually be prescribed an antibiotic even though the cause of pneumonia rarely is bacterial. These antibiotics often have no effect but can be harmful… even dangerous to your health. 

It does not matter what type of bacteria, virus, or fungus is causing pneumonia if you use the proper treatment. You won’t have to distinguish whether to take a macrolide, tetracycline, or a quinolone class of antibiotic. Instead, you will strengthen your immune system to wipe out the infection while you treat the microbes with a direct contact antimicrobial mist. “

Health Alert, Vol. 31, No.9 I ran into an old friend of mine the other day.

I ran into an old friend of mine the other day. Decades ago he opened his dental practice right next door to my clinic. He did not look well, and he told me the following story … He got a cold that did not get better. Soon it became so bad he was confined to bed. He could not get up for 14 days. At the end of 14 days he could not take it and got himself to the local hospital emergency room.

He spent most of the day there, and in the end, he was told he had bronchial pneumonia and needed a very strong antibiotic because that was the only thing that would “knock it out.” He filled his prescription and started on the drug, which he took faithfully. He didn’t feel the antibiotic did any good, but he eventually recovered. Soon after his recovery, he began to have pain in both Achilles tendons. Within days he could not walk.

The fluroquinolone antibiotic severely damaged both his Achilles tendons. He was laid up for weeks on end. He had been suffering for months when I saw him, and he could only walk with pain. Had he been one of the more unlucky folks, he could have had a complete rupture of both Achilles tendons – a very serious and life-changing side effect of antibiotics. Just how long it will be before he completely recovers is anyone’s guess.

So Many Lessons for You

If a health professional like my friend can have this happen to him, it can surely happen to you. The lessons from my old pal are profound:

1) He had a viral infection for which antibiotics are useless. They were prescribed anyway in “one of the finest” hospitals in California.

2) Had he treated his viral infection properly with our protocols (Congaplex, Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil, andRespiratory Relief with a Nebulizer), his cold would have disappeared within days, possibly overnight-long before it reached his bronchi and lungs. And even if it had already become pneumonia, the same treatment would still have been effective.

3) Fluroquinolone antibiotics like Cipro, Levaquin, Maxaquin, and others are dangerous drugs that can cause life-changing and even permanent damage to your gut, your immune system, and your tendons.

4) Even though these antibiotics carry a black box warning from the FDA, he was never told of the possible side effects, and even though he is a doctor, he failed to read the enclosed information;

5) The damage to his tendons was painfully obvious. But he also suffered untold damage to his gut flora and microbiome – the ramifications of which may not show up for months or years.

6) None of his major problems will ever make it into any state or federal registry of antibiotic side effects.

7) This is routine medical treatment for a cold, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

Do not let this happen to you. Most of medicine does not have a clue about how to deal with viral infections like colds, sinusitis, and flu. They still prescribe antibiotics despite the fact that these drugs are useless, dangerous, and are the cause of the worldwide epidemic of drug-resistant microbes. They still prescribe antivirals even though they have no real effect against colds or flu. And after these, their only other treatments are bed, fluids, aspirin, and chicken soup.

Flu Season

It’s that time again – flu misery for lots of people, profits for the flu shot makers, and the beginning of chronic bronchitis, chronic sinusitis or rhinosinusitis, and pneumonia for the unlucky ones. Lots of people will be made sick by the flu shots. Lots of people will be made sicker with antibiotics. And lots more will waste time and money on antiviral therapy. There will be tens of thousands of school and work days lost. There will be hospitalizations, hours wasted in emergency rooms, and clinics filled with flu sufferers. The very unlucky ones will be damaged (often permanently) by the flu vaccine. And all for naught.

The current treatments for colds and flu are archaic and dangerous. But medicine has nothing else with which to treat you. It is time to step into the 21st century – and treat colds, flu, sinus, bronchitis, pneumonia, viruses, bacteria, and even fungi with the only effective and safe treatments building up your immune system and attacking microbes where they live with antimicrobials.

You can have a healthier, safer, and happier flu season this year, and all years. You need to follow a few simple protocols to bring you into the 21st century. These protocols do not include dangerous and useless drugs and vaccines. They are simple, safe, effective, and quite honestly, the only treatments available for colds and flu.

Make sure you are armed against the onslaught of viruses and microbes this cold and flu season. When treated early, colds, sinusitis, and flu are no match for these treatments. And even if you have chronic bronchitis, a longstanding chronic cough, or even pneumonia – whether viral or bacterial – our pragmatic and effective treatments will resolve the problem when all other treatments fail. The same is true for chronic sinusitis-a condition that plagues millions of people every year. The only difference is that you will also need Sinus Relief, the miracle sinus antimicrobial spray.

What to Do

1) Do not ask your doctor for an antibiotic for colds, sinus, bronchitis, or flu. Instead use our natural immune boosters and antimicrobials to kill offending viruses, bacteria, fungus, and microbes where they live.

2) At the first sign of any cold, flu, etc., start bolstering your immune system by taking Conga- plex (2 every one to two hours). Congaplex is a combination product containing thymus gland extract, whole vitamin complexes of vitamins A and C, complete bioflavonoids, calcium lactate, and more. Also take Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil (1 per hour) to get the full vitamin D complex as well as Vitamin A and omega-3 ‘So Take both until your cold is resolved.

3) If your cold starts in your sinus or throat, start spraying with Sinus Relief (once in each nostril every hour or two) until your cold is resolved.

4) If you are starting a cough, start breathing treatments with Respiratory Relief made into a fine breathable mist using a nebulizer. Perform six to ten breathing treatments daily with the nebulizer applicator placed far back on your tongue, and breathing as deeply as possible.

5) Drink plenty of fluids, rest, have home- made chicken soup, and stay hydrated with plenty of water.

6) Refer to my flyer for more precise directions on handling all these microbial problems.

7) Once you are through your cold or flu, continue to take Immuplex (3 daily) throughout colds and flu season, or better yet, all year long. It contains what you need to keep your immune system strong and healthy.