Megan’s Back Pain, Headache Sleep & Deprivation

In January 2009 I could barely move my neck and my upper back. I was getting migraines all the time, at least once a week. I was having trouble sleeping because I was in pain and could not get comfortable. I sit at a desk for work and I could hardly stand it.  I was taking Tylenol every day and nothing was helping. I was so fed up that a good friend recommended I see Dr. Russ on June 2009.
I began care with Dr. Russ in June 09. I could feel a huge difference after one treatment.  After just 3 weeks I could move my neck and sleep at night. I felt a significant amount of relieve.  It has been 10 months and I feel much better! I can move my neck and back without pain. I’ve  only had three migraines since my first adjustment and that is a huge improvement. I have been working on my posture while I am sitting at my desk and can definitely feel the difference. 
I can exercise and sleep comfortably without pain. Dr. Russ has been a huge help! I had no idea chiropractic  could make such a difference in my life.
Megan O.