PRO- and PRE- BIOTICS: The Good Guys

There are good and bad organisms that live in the intestines. We only want the good organisms living in our intestines. However, our diet and ill health can introduce bad organisms into our bodies. The intake of antibiotics kills both the good and bad organisms in our intestines.

We call the good organism probiotics; the most well-known and readily available probiotic is acidophilus. The food that feeds probiotics is called prebiotics. Therefore, a quality supplement contains both probiotic and prebiotics organisms. The general term for all of the organisms in the intestines is gut flora. So, to summarize, we all need and want good gut flora!

So how do we maintain the good organisms at the highest level possible on a day-to-day basis? Dr. Kimberly has in her office the highest grade of prebotic and probiotic food supplements that will help your system to rid itself of the bad organisms and allow the good organisms to multiply to a healthy number.

These supplements:

* Improves digestive function

* Improves immunologic status (your immune system)

* Stimulates phagocytosis (the “Pac-mans” your immune system uses that eat bad organisms!)

* Increases beneficial anaerobes (good organisms)

* Decreases “unfriendly” organisms

* Soothes gastric mucosa (the entire digestive lining that can become irritated or damaged)