Sports Injury

Dr Russell Revilla Specializes in working with Athletes of all levels

Sports Injuries with Dr. Russell Revilla

Dr. Russell Revilla obtained his certification in sport injuries through Los Angeles Chiropractic College since he is a sports jock himself and was a track and field coach in college. Dr. Russell Revilla’s training and experience includes time working Olympic athletes and rodeo stars. These endeavors were very different in nature and demand and helped refine Dr. Revilla’s skills to diagnose and treat everyday patients with an expertise that could only be obtained through experience.

Olympic Training Center

Early in his career he had the opportunity to donate his time and services as the exclusive chiropractor at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista for eight years. He treated all of the athletes training there for a variety of training and injury conditions, helping these world-class athletes to maintain and enhance their growth in their chosen events of competition.

Lakeside Rodeo

Dr. Revilla also worked with the contestants in the Lakeside Rodeo for eight years. This dynamic environment was almost equivalent to a triage scenario where immediate diagnosis and treatment was commonplace.

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