Social Distancing & Sanitation Protocol

Comprehensive Health & Chiropractic Center


Our business is a primary health care provider. As such, we are remaining open and available
to serve the public. We are implementing the applicable mandatory measures listed below.

ALERT: Do you have a fever?
If so, you CANNOT enter for your appoint and MUST call in to reschedule your appointment.


  1. Sickness
    You shall not enter the premises if you are ill with a fever or any communicable disease and showing symptoms of the disease. Examples are the common cold, flu, chicken pox, measles, etc.

  2. Social Distancing
    a. Please maintain a minimum six-foot distance from each another and not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact.
    b. The number of patients allowed in the waiting room area will be limited to 9 at any given time. This means that family members accompanying the patient during their visit may be asked to return to their cars or asked to wait in the outside lobby area by the elevators.

  3. Signing In
    To observe sanitary measures, no patients will be required to sign in on the sign in sheet when checking in for appointments.

  4. Signing Credit Card Slips
    To observe sanitary measures, patients are not required to sign their credit card slips. If the patient desires to do so, a pen will be cleaned by the staff and given to the patient to do so.

  5. Bathroom Keys
    All bathroom keys are kept at the front desk to ensure they are sanitized by the staff after they are used by patients and before they are used by patients.

  6. Front Desk
    The front desk counter is sanitized by the staff multiple times hourly.

  7. Treatment Rooms
    The doctors are sterilizing the treatment tables and washing their hands before and after each patient is treated. Sterilization includes wiping the tables down with hospital grade disinfectant solution.

  8. Reception Room/Area
    No children are allowed in the reception room/area as a precaution for and the protection of our senior patients. All children will be asked to go immediately to the children’s designated treatment room. Parents will be asked to have their children either remain in the reception room/area or in the outside entrance area while they are checking out.

  9. Facial Masks/Coverings
    All doctors, staff and patients are required to wear facial masks/coverings at all times.

  10. Hand Sanitizer
    Hand sanitizer is available for patients throughout the office, including the front desk and all treatment rooms.

  11. Clipboards and Pens
    If paperwork is required to be filled out, the clipboards and pens are sanitized before and after they are used.