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Back pain and bulging disc – Ann

Dear Dr. Revilla and Staff,

I have been suffering from a bulging disc and subsequent nerve and muscle pain associated with it for 10 years or more. This condition had affected my outdoor activities and sidelined me for sometimes weeks at a time. As an avid mountain bike rider my riding future was uncertain.

I had my doubts that Dr. Revilla and his team would be able to treat me and get the result I had yet to achieve by other means. After the first visit I knew that I was going to get better. Dr. Revilla educated me on what was happening around the disc, nerves and muscles and explained how the decompression treatment would treat the damaged disc. Along with regular chiropractic adjustments and my dedication to stretching and strengthening at home, we achieved what I thought was not possible.

Today I have no pain associated with the disc and I continue to regularly stretch and strengthen the weak muscles that had been affected. My confidence on the bicycle has also changed. I can now go out and ride with almost no muscle pain and in time I know that will improve to where my back will be 100% back to normal. Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic Center receives my highest marks as a treatment center. The reception staff is exceptional and always creates a positive atmosphere. Thank you all for being on my team and contributing to a pain free me for years to come.

Continued Success,

Ann Zevely

Back Pain – Joey



Four years ago I came back from Alaska from 3 months of solid work.  I had a pinched nerve in my neck, shoulder, and a baseball size knot at the top of my spine; under the neck line.  I was scared, afraid, and just trying to maintain just to stay working to provide for me and my 2 beautiful kids.  I am a union iron worker whose body gets abused by the work I do.

I came to CHCC and upon my first x-Ray they found Stage 2 degenerated discs in my neck.  The pain was intense.  Dr. Russ did an X-ray came up with a plan and we set forth and executed it.

Today, recently we have done a follow up x-ray to see where we are at. I am blown away from the results, the tissue is healing itself, the pain is minimal and my life has gotten better and less stressful.  I have changed my nutrition habits and have been exercising on a regular basis.   With everything they have done, taught me, and the astonishing results, it has brought me a sense of peace and comfort level. I am so happy and grateful that our paths have crossed.  the service and family atmosphere they provide in the office makes everything worth it.


~ Joey Pasqual



Insomnia, Snoring & Sleeping Issues

I feel healthy and happier than ever before. I sleep better with less pain and aches. I’m more confidant in myself. No depression or feeling of helplessness and my husband and I are beginning to laugh again. 
Helen B

Shoulder Pain – Mary Ann D

I had pain under my shoulder blade, probably due to hours on the computer at work. Dr. Russ gave me exercised to do at home along with the adjustments and I was relatively pain free after just a short while. Then I had the misfortune to fall and land on the same shoulder causing some soft tissue injury. Dr. Russ had me back in for adjustments and my shoulder feels just fine now!
Thanks to Dr. Russ and his staff, I have been able to fully enjoy my new found sport – marathon races. At my age, I never thought that I would be able to keep up this endurance sport and remain injury free. I rely on regular visits to help work out any random aches or pains that crop up while I am training or racing. I am truly enjoying a different level of fitness now and I know that I have great support here at Comprehensive Chiropractic.
Mary Ann D.

Premenstrual Syndrome – PMS & Sinus Infections – Janice

I came because I had chronic sinus infections. After about 4 months of a new diet and supplements I no longer have any symptoms and no more sinus problems. In addition, I lost ten pounds without any effort, also I no longer have the severe PMS symptoms – such as irritability. I feel better than I have in 15 years. I feel healthy again. 
Janice G. 

Disease Care, Knee Pain & Shin Splints – Sciatica

For the majority of my 27 years, I have been an athlete, in which I felt healthy and full of energy. In my early twenties, running dominated my exercise regimen. It did not take long for my knees to wear out and shin splints to lead to daily use of medication. With alternatives such as cycling and swimming, I was able to run a few times each week with little pain and no medication. However, the damage I had done over the years finally caught up with me in May 2007, and I was blessed with a humbling experience: Sciatica! I will never forget the moment I
realized that people with sciatica had a legitimate reason to whine about it. It is a debilitating condition. An electric shock of pain down my left leg made walking difficult at times, so running was not an option anymore. Within one week I met Dr. Russ Revilla. After the first adjustment, my sciatica was gone and I was running again, without any pain! I have been treated by Dr.Revilla for one year with only two minor flair-ups that occurred during extended breaks. The lesson learned:  Consistency is vital to treatment.
I understand that the daily physical demands I place on my body have a cost: Physical stress (exercise) = wear and tear +misalignment + pain and poor performance.
This is one circumstance in which I can “have my cake and it it, too.” In other words, I cause deviations in my body everyday during exercise, but Dr. Revilla readjusts my alignment consistently so that I may function without pain. In order to continue my lifestyle, I have to fix what I “break” on a daily basis if I want it to work properly, efficiently, and most importantly, pain free! This is exactly the gift  Dr. Revilla provides for me.
Ryan T.

Supplements – NRT

After looking for some relief for all the illness in my body, I finally found complete relief with NRT and the supplements I have taken. I am stronger and almost completely pain free now. Both my husband and I are very pleased with the results of our care. I thank the Good Lord for good friends and a good doctor. 
Edith B.

Multiple Health Issues – Larry and Cheryl S

It has been almost a year since our first visit to CHCC.  What might have been termed an introductory visit for me soon transformed into regular weekly visits by both me and my wife Cheryl to receive your extraordinary care.
Our experience with chiropractic care was not new; we had been regular patients at offices of chiropractic in three different states for approximately 20 years.  Having said that let me add that none of our care providers in the past could surpass the commitment and level of care that you and the CHCC staff provide.
My care needs centered on lumbar and hip adjustments, but I also had inflammation of my shoulder due to a detached anterior deltoid muscle which was so painful it severely limited my range of motion. 
My wife had inflammation and arthritic conditions in her ankle caused 8 years earlier from an ankle broken in three places and the surgical hardware still remaining there.  In addition she had suffered neck and back injuries from an auto accident the previous year.  We were not to learn how critical those injuries were until Dr. Russ examined her.  About 10 days later my wife suffered acute pain which prevented her from even walking.  Fortunately we learned that Dr. Russ could measure and fit her with orthotics.  What a blessing!  Soon she was able to resume our regular walks for exercise.
We both began treatments with Dr. Russ several times a week.  In addition we used the outstanding skills of the massage therapists Sonja whose hands eased many aches and pains and enhanced the outcome of our adjustments.  Next we attended the nutrition classes of Dr. Kimberly and began both nutrition care and applied kinesiology in her specialties as well.  What a difference this care made in the quality of our health and consequently the quality of our lives.
This regime of treatment represents the most complete health care we have ever received.  We don’t live in North San Diego County any longer to continue regular visits because we are now fulltime RV travelers.  We attribute the blessings of enjoying continued good health to your care.  Our CHCC results were such a success that we want to share our experience with this letter.
Larry and Cheryl S.

Lower Back Pain – Liliana S

I had lower back pain almost everyday. I was getting sinus headaches weekly and had to leave work on more than one occasion because they were so severe. I spent a lot of money on Tylenol and other pain relievers, which I was taking almost daily due to my pain. I also had trouble sleeping due to the pain I was in.
I am proud to say that I haven’t had to use any pain medication since my first adjustment. I have very little pain and if I have had any it has been very slight.  I really appreciate being able to feel like I can live a normal pain-free life – because being in pain is NOT normal. 
I had lower back pain almost everyday. I was getting sinus headaches weekly and had to leave work on more than one occasion because they were so severe. I spent a lot of money on Tylenol and other pain relievers, which I was taking almost daily due to my pain. I also had trouble sleeping due to the pain I was in. 
I am proud to say that I haven’t had to use any pain medication since my first adjustment. I have very little pain and if I have had any it has been very slight.  I really appreciate being able to feel like I can live a normal pain-free life – because being in pain is NOT normal.
Liliana S.

Pain Management – Back Pain, Neck Pain, Leg Pain, Hip Pain

I had a little limited mobility. My back would hurt in the morning and when I went to the gym. My hip would hurt when I would sit in the car and move certain ways. My shoulder popped out of the socket one day at work.
The doctor put my shoulder back in, and in a couple of weeks it felt much better. After working on my hip for 2 weeks twice a week the pain started to subside. After a month it didn’t hurt anymore. My severe back pain subsided after 1 ½ months. It is still a little sore from time to time. 
Right now my shoulder is much better and feels stronger. Hip is all better and doesn’t give me much trouble at all. My lower back is sore from time to time but it is not as bad as it used to be.
Lydon M.

High Blood Pressure – Mitzi M

Today is my birthday – one I’m sure I would not be having if not for Dr. Revilla and Dr. Rollheiser! I truly believe they have saved my life. I came to CHCC with dangerously high blood pressure. My “medical” doctor tried these different medications, none of which helped. A friend told me about CHCC and I decided to try it. After 3 weeks on my program, my blood pressure was finally lower. “The silent killer” didn’t get me because of Dr. Revilla and CHCC. They saved my life! They have also improved health of ALL the members of my family! I can’t thank them enough!!! 

High Blood Pressure – Linda S

I had lower back pain and a stiff neck that I was actually trying to get used to – thinking it was just a part of getting older. My main concern, however, was my high blood pressure I had been diagnosed with about a year and a half before coming to Dr. Russ. I absolutely hated taking a pill every night –knowing I would have to continue for the rest of my life. I was only 46 years old when diagnosed, not overweight, not a smoker, a healthy eater and I exercised 3-4 times a week –high blood pressure! Crazy! Dr. Russ explained how we could help with all my complaints, but the thing that really got me was “no more pills” – I’m in!
Since I have been going to Dr. Russ for adjustments on a regular basis, for about a year now, I am happy to say I have no lower back pain, my neck has much more movement, and best of all, I stopped taking my high blood pressure medication about 2 ½ months ago! Dr. Russ monitored my blood pressure every week, of course, and we watched it get better and better every time. I even had to go to my doctor’s for something recently and she took my blood pressure and it was perfect! (She, of course, hated to admit it had to do with chiropractic, but couldn’t deny it either). 
I am very happy! I found Dr. Russ… and his excellent staff!!
Linda S.

Headaches/Migraines – Michelle U

Before I came to see Dr. Russ Revilla, I was suffering from chronic headaches that turned into debilitating migraines over the past year, affecting my daily life in many ways. I’ve been getting chiropractic treatment since June 2011, I’ve had amazing results!  Within the first month of therapy, the migraines completely disappeared! I’ve also been making changes to my eating habits following recommendations from Dr. Kimberly, which have also helped me improve my life quality! Now my husband has a happier wife and my daughter . . . a happier mom!
My 8 year old daughter, Michelle, had been experiencing mood swings and intense temper tantrums since she was a toddler. My husband and I tried everything possible to ease them, from parenting classes to counseling and dietary changes. Nothing seemed to work until we decided to try a holistic approach with Dr. Russ and Dr. Kimberly.  Dr. Russ found a subluxation on Michelle’s cervicals and made an adjustment on her back. Dr. Kimberly treated her using many healing modalities including; cranial sacral, opening her ileocecal valve, changing her diet and creating a supplement plan to address nutritional deficiencies. Right after my daughter’s first appointment with each one of them, she told me “she started to feel like a normal and happy girl at last”. It was a miracle! It’s been about 3 months of bliss in the Uphoff household. Michelle feels great and her mood swings have disappeared almost completely! We are so grateful and blessed with Dr. Russ and Dr. Kimberly! They are amazing doctors and human beings.
Michelle U.

Headaches/Migraines – Megan O

In January 2009 I could barely move my neck and my upper back. I was getting migraines all the time, at least once a week. I was having trouble sleeping because I was in pain and could not get comfortable. I sit at a desk for work and I could hardly stand it.  I was taking Tylenol every day and nothing was helping. I was so fed up that a good friend recommended I see Dr. Russ on June 2009.
I began care with Dr. Russ in June 09. I could feel a huge difference after one treatment.  After just 3 weeks I could move my neck and sleep at night. I felt a significant amount of relieve.  It has been 10 months and I feel much better! I can move my neck and back without pain. I’ve  only had three migraines since my first adjustment and that is a huge improvement. I have been working on my posture while I am sitting at my desk and can definitely feel the difference. 
I can exercise and sleep comfortably without pain. Dr. Russ has been a huge help! I had no idea chiropractic  could make such a difference in my life.
Megan O.

Head Trauma – Don’s Story

I was a mess. I was so dizzy that I couldn’t carry on a normal life. Forget driving, running errands, heck, even basic walking! All because of a little bump on the head. Actually, it turns out there is no such thing. The brain is very delicate and the least little thing can create unbelievable circumstances.
I was jet skiing and the boat was going about 30 miles an hour. All of a sudden I lost my balance. I went over, hit my head against the surface of the water, regained my balance andr> continued to ski. Everything seemed okay, just a little bump, right?
The next day I woke up and my whole world had been turned inside out. It’s difficult to even describe how much everything changed. Everything, and I mean everything was making me dizzy. My vision was impaired. My ears were super sensitive to every little sound.
I’d pinch a hair on my face and that would make my nervous system go crazy. If someone walked by me and touched me I’d feel like I was going to fall over. Anything little thing would trigger the dizziness: lights, colors, smell, it didn’t matter.
During this time I kept my job working on police cars. It became increasingly challenging.  Anything that happened without warning would trigger the dizziness. Sometimes a horn or siren would go off unexpectedly in the shop. Sometimes the lights would go on suddenly.  The sound of a buzz from a little electrical motor was more than my system could stand.  All of these things would set me in a spin.
When the sirens would go off or the lights would start blinking, I couldn’t handle it. I’d stand alone in a corner trying to get my bearings. I couldn’t even tolerate anyone trying to touch me, even when they were trying to help me. I told the guys that when this happens, it’s better to leave me alone because I can’t take the sensory overload when everyone is moving all around and people are touching me. All of the chaos disrupted my motor skills.
I’d gone to so many different doctors and had test after test after test, most of which weren’t covered by insurance. We agreed that I was dizzy, had neurological difficulties and I had balance and vestibular problems, but all my tests came back normal and no diagnosis fit my symptoms so there was no known medical treatment or drug to alleviate my symptoms.
Four years and $12,000 later I had nothing to show for the efforts. I spent this money, most of it out-of-pocket medical costs for tests, and I wasn’t better. The doctors simply hadn’t helped me. I had nothing to show for it. I attempted various ways to work around the symptoms, like walking with my eyes focused on one spot; this worked a little because
I could walk fairly well balanced. But if someone talked to me or touched me while I was walking, it threw me into sensory overload and it made me lose my concentration and the ability to walk in this modified fashion. There were times I got so bad that instead of walking- I would have to crawl to get where I was going.
My wife and I had friends who had been to see Dr. Kimberly Rollheiser, a chiropractor.  They said I should go see her because they got help from her when nothing else worked.  They told me that she specializes in complicated cases, but especially head trauma. My friends said that, based on what Dr. Kimberly did for them, the cranial and cranial-sacral work would greatly benefit me. I thought she sounded like some crazy, voodoo doctor, and I was skeptical about coming. But I thought about the amount of money I had spent with the medical doctors with no answers and I wasn’t getting any better. So I thought, ‘What the heck, I may as well give it a try.’
After her assessment she explained that it was as if the trauma had shaken some of the nerve wiring in my brain loose and the loose wires had to be reconnected. She told me she had a possible solution if I would be willing to give it a try. I figured ‘What do I have to lose?’
After the first session I was totally amazed! I actually felt ‘normal’! I drove our car, which I hadn’t tried to do for a couple of months. I was so excited about feeling better that, I admit, I overdid it! Dr. Kimberly told me to rest and sleep so that I wouldn’t ‘rebound’ (go back to feeling the same way). Well, I admit I didn’t listen. I felt so great that I started working and I worked and worked. Guess what? I rebounded! After being treated again, I followed her recommendations and went to bed so that I would start healing- and I did heal.
I noticed I wasn’t having the extreme sensitivity symptoms like I did before. I was getting better! I came the next week and had another treatment. I did very well for a couple of days, but I started pushing it again. I got a little tired from overexerting. I learned that, getting the treatments, resting, eating correctly and getting plenty of sleep was the “magical formula” for me to heal completely.
After having spent four years with the specialists with no results, I now have been in treatment with Dr. Kimberly for only five weeks and I am feeling like a million dollars. I am doing all the recommended nutritional things she has advised me to do. I’ve been completely episode free! I know it sounds crazy to think that touching or moving a few little bones on the head just a little bit could make that kind of difference, but it did. I think it is important to stay open-minded and give all alternatives a try.
*Update: Five years later, I have had no return of any of the sensory overload symptoms and I still feel great. I go in for “tune-ups” 3-4 times a year to keep me symptom free. 
Thank you Dr. Kimberly for giving me my life back.
Don F.

Head Trauma – Janet’s Story

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury. I didn’t know how life altering a concussion could be until I had mine due to a slip and fall accident Oct 18, 2011.
My usual lifestyle & schedule…STOPPED! I couldn’t drive because of blurred & doubled vision. I couldn’t hold an intelligent conversation because my speech was slow and I would repeat myself or forget what I was saying mid-sentence due to memory loss. I was fearful of another head injury because I was so dizzy and off balance. I bonded with my bed…literally…I slept 10-12 hours a night and took regular 2-3 hour naps. My energy was GONE. I cried at every silly TV show or personal issue. My emotions & life were all over the place…UNTIL…
Another Doctor referred me to Dr. Kimberly Rollheiser-Revilla. Dr. Kimberly took me under her wing like I was her only patient and my issues really mattered. Sometimes we’d cry together discussing the injury. I so appreciated her heart-felt reassurances that I would get my life back!
She educated me about my condition and what types of modality she would use to correct my brain injury. Her dedication to Craniosacral Therapy, Kinesiology & Nutrition clearly showed her skills to be head and shoulders (pardon the pun) above traditional Chiropractors. Her gentle therapeutic approach touched me deeply and I often felt like an Angel was sent from above to guide me through the most horrific trauma I’ve ever experienced.
Dr. Kimberly & Dr. Russ became a perfect blend of treatment. When I was healthy enough, she had Dr. Russ come do adjustments ever so carefully.  CHCC is definitely comprehensive…even their staff Kim & Danielle have the utmost of standards: Kind, Efficient & Understanding.
I can not Thank Dr. Kimberly and & Dr. Russ enough for giving me my life back…when I went to my Neurologist last month, he said, due to their phenomenal treatment I would be 100 % by March, we beat that by over a month!   My journey went from Frightening to Free…Free to Live Mentally and Physically Healthy again! 
Thank Heaven for MY Doctors, Dr. Kimberly & Dr. Russ!
Janet B.

Pain Management – Back Pain, Neck Pain, Leg Pain Karen S

When I come to CHCC I usually get right in and right out. My “cause” is being fixed and not the symptoms. Everyone is friendly there and I feel “known” and special. Everything at CHCC is so positive. I am just beginning to see the possibility of “good health”. I am thankful for the care CHCC is giving me toward my new Wellness. 
Karen S.

Pain Management – Back Pain, Neck Pain, Leg Pain John T

I feel healthier now then I did when I first came here. I think that everyone should be open to natural supplements to obtain better health or for any aches and pains. It makes total sense to me that what goes in your body affects how you feel and your long term health.
John T.

Pain Management – Back Pain, Neck Pain, Leg Pain – Carolyn T

My health improved quickly and there were dramatic changes in the area that I originally came for. My general health, and the way I feel daily taking the supplements causes me to happily continue on the program and keeps me coming back.
Carolyn T. 

Pain Management – Back Pain, Neck Pain, Leg Pain – Donna

People at the CHCC are very personable and helpful. I like the varied hours of operation. For me the results were immediate and so far – long lasting! 
Donna B. 

Pain Management – Back Pain, Neck Pain, Leg Pain – Carolyn F

They take time to explain everything to you and answer all your questions in a very satisfactory manner. 
Carolyn F. 

Pain Management – Back Pain, Neck Pain, Leg Pain – Katie C

Before I came to CHCC at times I thought my symptoms were in my mind. I felt rotten most of the time. My trips to doctors were unsuccessful. They treated my symptoms with chemicals and failed to get to the cause. Of course nothing got better only worse. My quality of life was poor. Since I became a patient at CHCC, I have seen a great improvement. I know I have a way to go, but now I know I’ll get there.
Katie C. 

Pain Management – Back Pain, Neck Pain, Leg Pain – Norman C

It Works, It Works, It works, It works!! 

Norman C.

Pain Management – Back Pain, Neck Pain, Leg Pain

What I liked most about CHCC? The staff, the staff, the staff!! Friendly and helpful, they make you feel right at home. Not like you’re in a ‘doctor’s office’. I love NRT because it’s ‘cut to the chase’ therapy, not a lot of fancy mumbo-jumbo medical jargon. Just straight talk from straight folks. I recommend CHCC to everyone, it’s completely turned my health and life around. IT WORKS!! 
Carol K.

Pain – Knee pain

Before I came to Comprehensive Health & Chiropractic Centre, I was in severe to moderate pain off and on, but in pain regardless. I am a hairdresser and I’m on my feet constantly, so having an issue with my right knee was obviously not good. My knee would also ache and hurt with weather changes. Past doctors had told me that I would need a knee replacement and that I had severe arthritis in my knee, so I lived with that on my mind. I had arthroscopic surgery done; it helped with my ripped meniscus. Even though I did have improvements,  doctors still engraved in my mind that I was eventually going to have to have major surgery. So I lived with the fear of having to go through surgery and being cut again.
I began care with Dr. Russ in October of 2011 and now I feel FABULOUS!!! I haven’t felt so good in a long time, especially with my knee. I feel more pumped to work out now because 
my knee has been feeling 110% better than it did before. I’m standing straight and not pigeon-toed. My posture is straight.  Not only does my knee not hurt from weather changes, but I also am more educated with regards to my knee. I know now that I don’t have severe arthritis and with continued maintenance, I won’t need to have any additional surgery!  What a relief that has been for me!
Now that I have this knowledge and am feeling so much better, I can finish my weight loss goal. I’m 70% there now; just 30% more to go, and now I know I can accomplish it, thanks to the help of Dr. Russell. He’s an awesome Chiropractor; he’s very informative and really cares. I would recommend him to anyone, and I do, but hopefully, they will come to see Dr. Russ in time!
Wisper R.

Fatigue/Low Energy & Stress – Roy D

What I like most about CHCC is the staff with a happy spirit and the fact the doctors spend the time needed to discuss my needs and suggest supplements to help me. A while ago I felt I was experiencing temporary stress/fatigue and found that my heart was not pumping my blood as well as it should. Over three weeks time that I’ve been on the program I’ve noticed a 50-80% improvement. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Fatigue/Low Energy, Leg Pain & Dry Skin – Nancy M

When I first came to Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic Centre my symptoms were fatigue, dry skin, leg pains, and down feeling most of the time. In less than seven months later the leg pain, dry skin, fatigue and sad feelings are gone. I feel like I am alive again. Also my son is doing great. He is no longer “over-active”. He’s doing well in school and is much calmer. Thank you so very much. 

Fatigue/Low Energy & Sleep Issues- Renee R

I started treatment with Dr. Revilla on December 28, 2007. In the first week I was stunned to have range of motion of my neck. During dinner one night my son asked why I was constantly turning my head from side to side? I thought about it and then replied, “Because for the first time that I can remember I can!” During this time I began waking up feeling refreshed. I was not even aware that before my treatments that I wasn’t having a good nights sleep. Not that I really want to admit that I snore, my husband remarked that I had stopped snoring. So not only are my treatments benefiting me but also my husband!
Four weeks into my treatment I had made an appointment to see my dentist.  The dentist started my cleaning and he stopped and asked me what I was doing different. I had been seeing this dentist for over 15 years, and he remarked that my body, which usually tenses in the dental chair, was relaxed. Generally, my dentist has to work in awkward positions because I could not turn my head far enough left or right. During this cleaning I was able to move my head easily from side to side. My dentist also remarked that my gums, wich usually have excessive bleeding, appeared to be in really good shape. I was in and out the door in 20 minutes! 
I do not think many of us take the time to listen to our bodies. We live life thinking that the aches and pains are just the way it has to be. Now that I have started treatment and feeling wonderful I know I am on the path to a very healthy pain free lifestyle.
Renee R.

Fatigue/Low Energy – Maria S

Before I came to Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic Centre, I had terrible constant neck pain for 5 years, which always made me feel extremely tired. I couldn’t do normal housework or even play with my grandchildren. I tried other therapies like massage for 3 months, I then saw a medical Doctor who, of course, just sent me to physical therapy, none of which helped.
I began care with Dr. Russ in June of 2011 and after the 1st month, I started to feel much  better.  It has been months since I have felt any pain. I feel great and I have lots of energy! I can now do my normal housework and play with my grandchildren without any pain. My children are so very  happy that I am now able to keep up with my grandchildren.
I am very grateful that Dr. Russ has changed my life! I highly recommend Dr. Russ to anyone! Why live your life in pain!

Fatigue/Low Energy – Betty P

I was having constant pain in my neck and head, frequent muscle spasms in my mid-back, and intermittent problems with low back pain. I was very low energy and feeling hopeless about any improvement.
The dizziness and balance problems have caused me to fall and injure myself on 3 separate occasions.  Right now the pain in my neck and head have significantly improved and I have stopped taking Exedrin on a daily basis. The muscle spasms in mid-back have disappeared. The low back is holding well as long as I don’t abuse it. I have noticed improvement in balance and dizziness and best of all I have more energy for daily tasks.
Betty P.

Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, ImmuneProblems & Fatigue

At CHCC I really like the personal interest shown in me and my health problems. I came in 2 years ago with fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, a lot of fatigue and immune problems and have had improvement in most areas. Thank you for the help, the explanations and tracking of my progress, especially sending me to the mercury-free dentist, for cavitation and mercury removal. Six months later I’m starting to see good results. You folks have become my good friends and I thank God for sending me to you!! 
Barbara D. 


I feel healthy and happier than ever before. I sleep better with less pain and aches. I’m more confidant in myself. No depression or feeling of helplessness and my husband and I are beginning to laugh again. 
Helen B.

Colic – Ben’s Story

To really understand my story and Ben’s story, I need to take you back to the day before he was born. I was past due and had gone in for a check up. With the heart rate belt on, it became clear that something was wrong. Instead of my little one’s heart rate going up when he kicked, it went down. I met my husband at the hospital. Our little one’s heart rate sent alarms sounding. To make a 24 hour story short, he required a vacuum, some strong hands, and a lot of tugging to come into this world. When he finally arrived, it was clear why his heart rate had been plummeting. His umbilical chord had wrapped around his neck three times and around his feet twice. He was literally hog-tied. Luckily, he was perfect in every sense of the word. We left the hospital and I forgot all about his dramatic delivery.
About five weeks later, my sweet, snuggly little baby changed into a crying, sleepless mess. I read every colic book I could get my hands on and I tried every suggestion that I read. White noise, changing my diet, swaddling; the list went on and on. He would only sleep for an hour and a half at a time. I was lucky if he slept two hours. He wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on me and I apparently was only allowed to sleep on the sofa. He cried or whimpered incessantly from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM every single day. The crying so unnerved my husband that he couldn’t stand to be home when our son was crying. I felt like my marriage was in danger. I felt that I was doing something wrong as a mother. Life was far from blissful.
After seven weeks of this and when Ben was three months old, my husband began to have back trouble. I scheduled him an appointment at the closest chiropractor to our home. Honestly, neither he nor I had ever been to a chiropractor before and didn’t know what to look for in a new doctor or clinic. Luck was with us when I just happened to schedule him at the Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic Center with Dr. Russ. He went to his appointment. My husband returned home as a full believer in the benefits of chiropractic medicine. In fact, he told me that he had scheduled an appointment for Ben that very afternoon.
I stopped dead in my tracks. Ben? My little Ben at the chiropractor? Of course, I hadn’t been to a chiropractor. My head was filled with the scene you would expect to find in a medieval torture chamber. The rack, the hammers, the mallets. And they wanted to work on my three month old baby? Like any modern mother, I hit the internet. I read every article I could find regarding babies and chiropractic care. I was shocked to find all the research, testimonials and recommendations that supported this holistic way to help your baby. Slowly, I began to piece the puzzle together. Ben had literally been twisted up in my womb, tied in place, then he was contorted, pulled and stretched in delivery. My back would be a mess too!
That afternoon, I walked into CHCC and met with Dr. Russ. His familial manner and empathetic nature put me at ease immediately. He had me hold Ben while he gently felt along his back and hips. As he made little adjustments with his fingers, Ben didn’t make a fuss. He just watched as Dr. Russ worked his magic. Everything Dr. Russ did was so minor, I almost wondered if it had any effect at all. From Dr. Russ’ office, we walked across the hall to Dr. Kimberley’s office. She gave him some light acupressure as I nursed him. At no time during these procedures was Ben out of my arms, nor did he show any sign of discomfort or pain.
When we got home, I laid Ben down for his nap. He slept for almost six hours. I had to check on him several times to make sure he was still breathing. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Do you mean I can take a nap too? Three cheers for CHCC!
Now firm believers, Ben, my husband and I all have become weekly visitors to Dr. Russ’s office. Ben’s colic disappeared over the next three weeks and is now a distant memory. As a first time mom of a very colicky baby, I can’t describe to you just how nervous I was before our first visit. If my husband had not scheduled the appointment for me, I don’t know that I ever would have gone. But after that first session and first miracle nap, followed by another session and even longer naps, I became and still am an advocate for infant chiropractic care. Ben is now almost three years old. We still visit Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic Centre. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Back Pain – Eleanor D

I have been a patient since the fall of 2007. Before being treated by you I was experiencing pain in my neck, right shoulder and back. My back hurts the most since I’ve been in a couple of car accidents and a skiing accident. I had been seeing another chiropractor but found my relief was only temporary. I was having difficulty getting out of my car and getting out of a chair. My back was always so stiff.
Since seeing you both I am now pain free. It is such a blessing to be able to move without pain.  I’d also like to comment on your staff. They are superb. It is always a pleasure to call your office for an appointment and have your staff address me by name and not have to ask for my date of birth and social security number before I can make an appointment.
When I arrive for my visit I am always extended a cheery “Hello, Eleanor, how are you today?”
Thank you for all your help in getting me back to normal.
With sincerest thanks and appreciation,

Back Pain – Lydon M

I had a little limited mobility. My back would hurt in the morning and when I went to the gym. My hip would hurt when I would sit in the car and move certain ways. My shoulder popped out of the socket one day at work.
The doctor put my shoulder back in, and in a couple of weeks it felt much better. After working on my hip for 2 weeks twice a week the pain started to subside. After a month it didn’t hurt anymore. My severe back pain subsided after 1 ½ months. It is still a little sore from time to time. 
Right now my shoulder is much better and feels stronger. Hip is all better and doesn’t give me much trouble at all. My lower back is sore from time to time but it is not as bad as it used to be.

Back Pain – Betty P

I was having constant pain in my neck and head, frequent muscle spasms in my mid-back, and intermittent problems with low back pain. I was very low energy and feeling hopeless about any improvement.
The dizziness and balance problems have caused me to fall and injure myself on 3 separate occasions.  Right now the pain in my neck and head have significantly improved and I have stopped taking Exedrin on a daily basis. The muscle spasms in mid-back have disappeared. The low back is holding well as long as I don’t abuse it. I have noticed improvement in balance and dizziness and best of all I have more energy for daily tasks.

Back Pain, Headach/Migrane & Seizures – Arlyn B

My spine felt compressed.  With the slightest touch to my back, it felt as if someone was stabbing me in the back.  I had headaches almost on a daily basis.  I had seizures that I still needed to get under control.  There were times I felt lightheaded.  With the way my spine was, my posture was bad to the point I was always slouching.
My posture is a lot better.  I don’t have any pain after receiving treatment.  I don’t get menstrual cramps anymore.  I have been able to keep my seizures under control.  I’ve been seizure free ever since receiving treatment.  I feel healthier both mentally and physically.

Athlete, Pain & Recovery

I needed Dr. Revilla’s professional help when during a 15-mile training walk my left leg muscles gave, quit on me with five miles left to go. I had excruciating pain in the muscles around the knee as well as severe pain in my calf. I could barely stand and I had a 21-mile marathon to walk in Big Sur two months away. I thought I would have to sit it out. Fortunately a friend of mine recommended Dr.Revilla, she said he did wonders for her. Dr. Revilla had a big challenge on his hands because I am forty and way overweight and never did a marathon before.  Not only did he get me in good walking shape within a short time period but also he coached me on how to train for this event. He never said I couldn’t do it; in fact, he was very inspirational towards helping me achieve this goal. The Big Sur International Marathon is one of the top grueling courses in the country with lots of hills, including a 2-mile steep climb along the coast. At the end of the marathon, which took me 6 hours to complete, the only thing hurt were the bottoms of my feet. I couldn’t believe it, no pain and no calf pain. Dr. Revilla not only helped me achieve this lofty goal but he diagnosed the cause of my injury and put a plan together to correct years of misalignments of my body due to a childhood accident. I am very grateful and very satisfied with Dr. Revilla’s work, and I recommended him to anyone.
Carol T.

Asthma, Allergies, Acid Reflux, Headaches & Migranes

For those of you in doubt of the healing possibilities chiropractic care can give you, please  read my story.
I have never experienced migraines in my life, up until the past 5 years. I saw a General Practitioner and was prescribed a medication that worked, however, the migraines got more and more frequent and I was relying more and more on my medication. Along with migraines, I was taking medications for acid reflux, allergies and asthma. My husband has been a believer in Chiropractic treatments for years and was visiting Dr. Russ when he saw that there was another Dr. in the office that was a cranial & migraine specialist. He told me about it and suggested I go see this “Dr. Kimberly” to see what she can do for me. I acknowledged his suggestion and put it promptly in the back of my mind. Until I got another migraine. I made an appointment with Dr. Kimberly, had a full exam and consultation then with the support of my husband decided to commit to a treatment plan.
After seeing Dr. Kimberly for about a month I was noticing small changes in my allergies and just feeling better over all, however, one day I came home from a visit with her mad and depressed. When my husband asked me how it went, I vented to him my frustration of every time I go, she sends me home with ANOTHER supplement and instead of getting OFF my many medications, she was adding to them! My husband reminded me that I was generally feeling better, my allergies were better and I hadn’t had a migraine since I was seeing her. I agreed with him, but I told him that I felt she was selling me “snake oil”. He laughed, of  course, but asked why I felt that way. That day, Dr. Kimberly had asked me to try a  supplement in the office. I came in with a mild headache and she wanted to see if the supplement made it go away. She said they tasted good to her, but they probably wouldn’t taste good to me and I had to chew them before swallowing. As she was chomping on hers saying how yummy they were, I was gagging mine down thinking “This Lady is CRAZY”. She actually told me they tasted sweet like candy to her. They tasted like dog food to me! I didn’t tell my husband how she described the taste for her, only that they were absolutely horrible and yet I got some. He couldn’t believe they were that bad, so I demanded he try one and tell me how it tasted. My moment of clarity was when he said….. “Hmmm, kinda sweet”. Without having to say so, I continued to see Dr. Kimberly and continued to improve with each visit.
I have learned since, that the sicker your body is, the longer it takes to reach your goals, but you can do it. After regular visits to both Dr. Russ and Dr. Kimberly, I am happy to say that I am off ALL of my medications and have decreased my Advair inhaler to once a day. I am much more in tune with my body and I know when I need a treatment or when I have not been eating right. My allergies have improved dramatically (sometimes right after I leave the office!) and my migraines are less and less frequent. The best thing is, now that my body is healthy on the inside, I know how to treat it with supplements instead of going to a General Practitioner for more antibiotics or other horrible chemicals. We still get sick and run down, but I would much rather use food based supplements to treat myself than putting chemicals in my body.
You get the whole package with Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic Center. Not only did they help me to eliminate my medications, improve my allergies and decrease my migraines, they taught me about what I was putting in my body and how it was affecting my allergies and migraines.
Jacque C.

Headaches/Migraines & Anxiety

As a professional Hip Hop dancer, I was dancing about 20 or more hours a week. Starting in April of 2010, when I had strenuous practice leading up to a show, I started getting headaches so bad they were almost migraines and I also had anxiety and lower back aches. The pain bothered me every day, I would wake up with it and go to sleep with it. The pain prevented me from dancing, as well as being able to do other physical activities. It prevented me from living a normal life! I was taking Ibuprophen to keep the pain from bothering me.

In October of 2010, I started coming to see Dr. Russ, at the recommendation of a friend. A little over a month later the pain started going away and I have stopped taking any medication for it! I am living my life regularly again and find that I am even more capable of dancing better! I dance a minimum of 15 hours a week!

I had no idea that Chiropractic could help me until my friend told me about it!

Sy B.