Teens, Depression and Vitamin B Complex

“Do you know a teen? Or better yet, do you own one? If so, help him or her live a long and healthy life. Make sure he or she eats foods rich in B vitamins – like lean meat, green leafy vegetables, organic eggs, etc. If he or she refuses, get them a good, natural, whole vitamin B supplement. The best one is Cataplex B by Standard Process. ”

The other day I visited a junior high school. I was saddened to note that most of the kids were walking around like they were in a fog – depressed, or confused and unstable. It was actually frightening, primarily because I know the cause of these kids’ mental state – a common vitamin complex deficiency.

You see most American kids (and most adults for that matter) consume a diet that is just about devoid of foods rich in vitamin B. They consume a diet full of nonfoods, processed foods, and fast foods that contain chemicals that further deplete vitamin B in the body. This combination is deadly, leading to depression, confusion, illogical fears, and even suicide.

And while vitamin B deficiency manifests itself in many ways, including heart disease, the first signs with teens are usually mental. Physiology textbooks show that vitamin B deficiency can start out as depression. It can lead to nervousness, anxiety, irritability, mental fatigue, severe depression, manic depression, paranoiac thinking, hostility, rage, vague fears, morbid fears, and worse.

As a nation we need to address a shocking epidemic in kids and teens. It is an epidemic of the first signs of prediabetes, diabetes, heart disease, emotional problems, and more – all worsened by a vitamin B deficiency. We need to stop feeding kids nonfoods, fast foods, processed foods, excess carbohydrates and sugars, sodas, sweet drinks, and all the other ridiculous substitutions for real food. Children need whole foods, and plenty of protein, good fats, and natural carbohydrates.

Almost all children need a vitamin B supplement in the form of Cataplex B. You cannot use store-bought B vitamins that are fractions of the whole B-vitamin complex. Stop the processed foods and stop the insanity. Our kids are our future. Feed them real food and help them overcome serious vitamin B deficiencies with Cataplex B.

And while we are at it, if you suffer from emotional take Cataplex B.

Health Alert, Vol. 29, Issue 8