Headaches/Migraines – Michelle U

Before I came to see Dr. Russ Revilla, I was suffering from chronic headaches that turned into debilitating migraines over the past year, affecting my daily life in many ways. I’ve been getting chiropractic treatment since June 2011, I’ve had amazing results!  Within the first month of therapy, the migraines completely disappeared! I’ve also been making changes to my eating habits following recommendations from Dr. Kimberly, which have also helped me improve my life quality! Now my husband has a happier wife and my daughter . . . a happier mom!
My 8 year old daughter, Michelle, had been experiencing mood swings and intense temper tantrums since she was a toddler. My husband and I tried everything possible to ease them, from parenting classes to counseling and dietary changes. Nothing seemed to work until we decided to try a holistic approach with Dr. Russ and Dr. Kimberly.  Dr. Russ found a subluxation on Michelle’s cervicals and made an adjustment on her back. Dr. Kimberly treated her using many healing modalities including; cranial sacral, opening her ileocecal valve, changing her diet and creating a supplement plan to address nutritional deficiencies. Right after my daughter’s first appointment with each one of them, she told me “she started to feel like a normal and happy girl at last”. It was a miracle! It’s been about 3 months of bliss in the Uphoff household. Michelle feels great and her mood swings have disappeared almost completely! We are so grateful and blessed with Dr. Russ and Dr. Kimberly! They are amazing doctors and human beings.
Michelle U.