The Basics About Chiropractic

transcollage1Chiropractic has not changed in it’s concepts of health care and preventative care since its inception because the human body has not changed. The laws that govern our physiology, chemistry and biology have been and will be the same, and it is these laws that ensure the effectiveness of Chiropractic care.The incredibly powerful science of Chiropractic is founded in its ability to help your body reconnect with its innate, or inborn, potential to heal itself. Your brain controls all the daily functions of the body, whether awake or sleeping. Millions of chemical reactions and bodily functions to all of your organs are controlled by the brain and communicated through the spinal cord every minute. Your spinal column, your backbones, are the protective encasing for the spinal cord as well as the structural framework for all of you muscles ligaments and tendons to attach to. It is the alignment, positioning, and function of the joints that directly affects the flow of nerves from your brain to all parts of the body. That is why chiropractic care is the forefront of preventative health care.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  – Thomas Edison

The doctor of the future is the Chiropractor. No other health care practitioner will help your body prevent the onset of disease and spinal decay like your Chiropractor. Much like your dentist helps prevent disease of the mouth and decay of teeth and gums, the Chiropractor will help prevent the degeneration of your spine and the nerve interference that comes along with it. Everyone knows they are supposed to go see their dentist once a year for x-rays and several times a year for cleanings and check-ups. Doesn’t it make sense to have your spine screened and checked for possible problems?

Many everyday activities can cause spinal bones to lose their normal position or motion. The chiropractic approach to better health is to detect, reduce, and help prevent nervous system dysfunction. Most of the disorders that the Chiropractor must tend to are preventable problems that could have been avoided with early detection.

When the natural flow of nerve impulses to parts of the body become blocked or are interfered with, serious and debilitating illness and health disorder can result. Chiropractic care removes this interference and restores normal nerve flow with gentle spinal adjustments.

Play it smart, have your spine and those of your loved ones checked today!

So What Is Chiropractic?

Did you know that chiropractic is the largest natural health care profession in the world?

Chiropractic was discovered in 1895. This conservative, drug-free, surgery-free approach to optimal health is based on the premise that the relationship between the body’s structure and function is a significant factor in your health.

Chiropractors have a minimum of a four-year curriculum after college followed by a one-year clinical internship. Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that your nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. Chiropractors are nerve doctors. They treat your nerves without drugs and surgery. They are trained to locate tiny areas of irritation to your nerves and remove them safely and painlessly. By removing irritation, chiropractic allows your body to function properly and to heal itself.

Chiropractic is a healing discipline firmly grounded in science. Decades of research are available validating its effectiveness.

Chiropractic is concerned with the care of the entire body. The doctor’s focus is on the central nervous system which controls, operates and heals all parts of the body.

A doctor of chiropractic is trained and licensed to diagnose and treat the body as a whole, including musculo-skeletal problems, organ systems, lymphatic systems, and other conditions that may interfere with the body’s overall health. Chiropractors have a minimum of a four-year curriculum after college followed by a one-year clinical internship.

Chiropractors use various diagnostic methods, including x-rays, to discover the state of your health, paying particular attention to your spine and bone structure. Spinal adjustment is the primary method used to help your body heal itself.

“It’s easier to stay well than to get well”

How Chiropractic Works

Every cell in your body has a nerve that goes to it. The same nerve that goes to a muscle or skin cell also goes to the organs, glands, tissues and blood vessels in that area. Your brain and central nervous system control how all parts and systems of your body perform their functions. Irritation to nerves can cause functional problems like headaches, fatigue, sinus allergies and sleep problems, irritability and digestive problems. It can cause sensory problems like pain, tension, tingling and numbness.

How chiropractic works is similar to removing a pebble from a shoe.

Have you ever had a pebble in your shoe?

A tiny pebble, because of its constant irritation of a nerve, can drive you crazy. At first it feels like a pressure, then an irritation, and finally, pain.

What happens if you move the pebble around in your shoe, but you don’t remove it. It hurts everywhere it goes, doesn’t it? That’s because there is a nerve to every cell in your body.

So what did you do about the pebble? You took your shoe off and took it out, right?

If someone else had a pebble in their shoe and told you they were taking medication for the pebble irritation, that would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it?

It is not logical to treat a physical problem with a chemical solution!

If they performed surgery on their foot for pebble irritation, that would be extreme, wouldn’t it?

The correct thing to do would be to remove the pebble from the shoe. It’s a physical problem causing the irritation. And that’s what chiropractors do.

Chiropractors are nerve doctors. They treat your nerves without drugs and surgery. They are trained to locate tiny areas of irritation to your nerves and remove them safely and painlessly.

By removing irritation, chiropractic allows your body to function properly and to heal itself.


Family Care

At Comprehensive Health and Chiropractic Centre we love families. We help entire families with a wide variety of conditions including men, women and children. Any functional problem is a sign that the body is not operating properly, so we try a natural approach first.

We treat children, ranging from infants to teens, for a broad spectrum of problems. Feel free to bring us concerns including earaches, colic, frequent colds, hyperactivity, poor posture or other problems for your child.
We treat women for:

We treat women for:
We treat men and the entire family for:
We also treat:
– PMS – Arthritis – Newborn evaluation post birthing process
– Menopause – Back pain – Recommendations regarding colicky babies, ear infections, allergies, vaccination, bed wetting
– Hormonal – Indigestion – Some learning disabilities
– Pregnancy & Reproductive issues – Knee Injuries – Evaluation & Screening for scoliosis (curvature of the spine)
– Nutrition – Shoulder Injuries
– Dietary evaluation – Sprains
– Supplement Counseling & Products Available – Stiff neck
– Tendonitis
– Ulcers

By Brent A. Beyer, D.C.

Every parent wants the best for their children. They want them to wear good clothes, go to a good school to get the best education possible, sleep on a good and supportive mattress, and be as healthy as they possibly can be. There are many options for parents for that last one. Chiropractic care is one of those options parents can choose for their children to keep them healthy. Yes, keep them healthy, not just get them healthy from being sick. However, many parents are unsure about chiropractic when it comes to adjusting children. Let’s take a look at some frequent questions or fears that parents may have:
1. Isn’t an adjustment too forceful for a baby’s spine?

No. Just as you would hug a new-born baby with less force than you would hug an adult, a chiropractic adjustment for a baby is simply a light amount of pressure with a very subdued thrust compared to that of an adult adjustment. A specialized adjusting instrument can also be used to deliver a light and controlled adjustment.

2. Are adjustments safe for babies?

Yes. Chiropractic care has an excellent safety record for people of all ages. It is safer than any medication, surgery, or physical therapy available. Just ask the malpractice insurance companies (they are to the level of risk a type of care involves. The higher the risk for injury under a particular the experts when it comes to knowing what type of care is the safest). They charge according type of care, the higher the malpractice rates are for that profession. Chiropractors have lower rates than medical doctors, surgeons, or even physical therapists.

3. Why do children need chiropractic care?

Medical research has shown that the birth process can be a significant trauma to a baby’s delicate spine. Later, as the child develops and starts to walk, run, ride a bicycle, etc., other injuries to the spine can occur from falls and slips. These injuries are usually unseen by the parent because all that shows on the outside of the child may be a skinned knee or bruised elbow.

4. Do my children need chiropractic care if they have no complaints of pain?

There are numerous complaints that children have that are labeled as “growing pains” which can be traced back to the spine. Also, medical research has shown that children’s pain centers located within their brains aren’t fully developed until the age of 18. This means that a child could have a similar spinal problem as an adult, but may not have the pain an adult would be able to feel because the proper pathways have not yet been built by the body.

5. If my child or baby can’t tell me that something hurts, then they also can’t tell me when it feels better. How do I know that chiropractic adjustments are actually helping?

Many parents report that their children under chiropractic care seem healthier than other kids their age and miss less school. If they do get sick, they either get well faster, or the sickness is not as severe. The parent will be the one who notices how well they are responding.

6. Will I have to keep bringing my children back again and again for the rest of their lives?

Chiropractic care is so safe and so effective that you could never have too much of it. Like many things in life, health care is a choice. Many choose to continue on a regular basis because they see it as a valuable part of maintaining good health. How much or how long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.