The Heart and the Need for the B’s

The heart requires a host of vitamins for proper performance. The B Vitamins specifically provide a range of support, but the #1 supplement for heart maintenance and proper nerve functioning is Vitamin B1 (Thiamin). *( the medical term for thiamin deficiency is beriberi, the nutritional disorder caused by a deficiency of thiamin (vitamin B1) and characterized by impairment of the nerves and heart.)

It’s on Dr. Kimberly’s heart to make sure that everyone’s hearts are working properly and that they can live long, productive lives, at least health-wise! So come on in and get tested to see what your B vitamin levels are! And while she’s at it, she will test you for a range of other important heart supplements that can make the difference in a hearty clean bill of health! Be a sweetheart to yourself and to those you love and who love you!